Friday, 11 November 2011

Just Finished: The Yo Yo Prophet by Karen Krossing

Calvin Layne has a lot going wrong for him. His mother died, his father took off and his grandmother, who is taking care of him, is sick. Not to mention the fact that a school bully named Rozelle has her sights set on him. His only escape from reality is his yo-yo...

...and so I entered the world of the Yo-Yo Prophet! I read this in one sitting. Every time I finished a page I wanted to turn it and keep reading–so I did :) I got caught up in Calvin's world of yo-yo's and the author does a great job of describing all the tricks. Calvin is definitely a character you cheer for; a teenage boy facing lots of life's hardships and finding a positive outlet for it. Plus (for all you parents out there), there is a good lesson on the consequences of lying and the chance of redemption. If you've got a pre-teen/teenage boy on your Christmas list, this is a good buy...along with a yo-yo (make sure it's a good one).

Do I recommend this book? Most definitely!

Bonus: This book made me realize how cool yo-yo's are which lead to me to YouTubing yo-yo videos after I finished reading the book. There is some pretty amazing stuff out there. My husband watched with an open mouth over my shoulder and then demanded that I email him the links to the videos I was watching! I think I know what's going in his stocking this year ;)

Visit the author's blog to read why she wrote about yo-yo's and to check out her other books!