Sunday, 6 November 2011

Reading: "My" Top Five Books for Kids

Okay, when I say "my" top five, I really mean my daughter's top five. She's three and I have loved introducing her to the world of books. We have lots and lots of books at our house. I have even designated the bottom shelves of our little library to books just for my kids (I also have a one-year old son). It's a place where they can access them whenever they want; they don't have to ask, they can just grab one and read. Of all the books I read to my daughter, here are her five most requested no particular order:

1. Read With Me Bible for Toddlers by Doris Rikkers/Illustrated by Dennis G. Jones (Zondervan Kidz)

With lots of fun and colourful illustrations and the perfect amount words, this is the perfect Bible for little kids. Doris does a wonderful job of condensing very long bible stories into short little ones that my daughter wants to read over and over again. Her favourite is Jonah and the Big Fish!

2. Clara and the Bossy by Ruth Ohi (Annex Press)

Clara has a new best friend...who is very bossy! A great book to help kids know that they can stand up for themselves (in a nice way). Plus, my daughter's name is Clara so she thinks this book was written just for her!
3. Cinderella by Max Eilenberg/Illustrated by Niamh Sharkey (Candlewick)

This is a wonderfully illustrated version of an old classic. Max Eilenburg adapted the original Cinderella, the one with three balls, which is very important because Cinderella has three dresses. Niamh Sharkey's whimsical and humorous illustrations are a big hit.

4. Grumpy Bird/Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard (Scholastic Press)

When Bird woke up, he was GRUMPY! One of my favourites to read because I get to do lots of fun voices for Bird and all his animal friends. Boo Hoo Bird is equally enjoyable.

5. It's Best to be "Me" by Salvatore Puglisi (Booksurge Publishing)

A story about animals who were not happy being themselves. So what happens if a rabbit wants to be a turtle and a turtle wants to be a rabbit? Why, you get a Rabburtle! Clara loves the 'silly' animals that are created when two animals are combined. Plus, it's a fun game to play in the car when they are bored.

Speaking of being bored...this is an eagerly anticipated book in our house:

(Simon & Schuster, Books for Young Readers) 
Coming in September 2012

If that classic bored pose on the front cover doesn't say it all, I don't know what will!

What's your top five books for kids?