Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife: Confession #1

I'm starting a new little series on my blog: Confessions of a Pastor's Wife. A huge part of my life is affected by what my husband does. I can't get away from it. I tried to leave it behind on here but it's impossible. So I'm just going to share all the funny and not so funny things as honestly as I can. Enjoy!

Confession #1: I love the reaction I get when people find out that my husband is a pastor.

This little tidbit of information about myself doesn't usually come up in conversation with clients, colleagues, etc. until after they have gotten to know me and they have already deemed me nice, normal, likeable, etc. (well, I assume that's what they think of me). But whenever someone finds out, it goes a little like this:

Person: So, what does your husband do?

Me: He's a pastor.

[Person's eyes widen and I watch as their brain practically explodes as they trace back all of our conversations and count every swear word spoken and off-colour joke told].

Person: Wow, that's cool. [They say this very casual like]. Is that different from a minister?

Me: No, it's the same thing.

[Silent pause]

Person: You know, my sister is Catholic.

Me: Okay...

Person: I mean, s**t, you don't hear about people actually choosing to be a pastor these days. Oh my G*d, I'm so sorry for swearing.

Me: Funny enough I'd rather hear 's**t' than 'Oh my G*d'.

Person: Oh my...god...ness! I meant to say goodness!

Me: Hey, no worries.

Person: You don't look like a pastor's wife.

I'm pretty sure this is what people picture when they think about what a pastor's wife looks like:

This is usually when the conversation either goes back to the topic we started talking about in the first place or when Person would like to have a deep theological discussion. I am happy to do either. Keeps life interesting :)