Sunday, 11 March 2012

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife: Confession #2

Confession #2: I enjoyed reading both the Twilight series and the Harry Potter series.

Christians all over just read this title, gasped, then judged me. Since I'm already this deep into my confession let's just take it one step further - I have also seen all the movies (to date) associated with the books. I am one of those people eagerly anticipating 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'. I will line up with all the crazed fans and roll my eyes as they scream at the screen that they love Edward or Jacob.

Author update: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has come and gone and guess what...I haven't seen it. I also got rid of my Twilight books. Why? God convicted me. That's right. It happens. Something I felt I had freedom to watch/read I no longer do. Do I impose this on everyone? Nope. But God spoke to me and I listened. doesn't bother me one bit :)

I started reading Harry Potter because, at the time, I worked at Chapters (best job ever!) and tons of parents were coming in and buying these books for their kids. So I was curious and read them.

I started reading Twilight because the girls in the youth group that my husband pastored at the time were all reading it and talking about it. So I was curious and read them.

Common thread: it's what the kids are reading.

Observation: We are spiritual beings drawn to supernatural things.

Confession #2.1: Twilight and Harry Potter are the reason I write Christian YA Fiction.

Part of being a Christian is believing, among so many other things, that we have a soul and that when we die, we pass from this life and will spend eternity with Jesus. It's believing in angels and demons and that there is a war going on for said soul.

Supernatural is cool + Christianity is full of the supernatural = I think Christianity is pretty darn cool!! I think we've lost sight of that. So that's my mission. To write things that bring the supernatural back into Christianity.

Now to just finish my edits, find an agent and/or publisher, do more edits based on their suggestions and publish my book so you can all read it...easy peasy.