Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife: Confession #11

Confession #11: It's hard. And I'm thankful.

It's hard when my husband comes home with his face drawn and his heart heavy. His heavy heart bleeds for a generation that is falling away from God in droves while he faithfully speaks the Word and wonders if anyone listens anymore. And I'm thankful when God moves in the most incredible way and a generation turns their hearts towards Him and amazing stuff starts to happen.

It's hard when schedules and life hit fast forward and my husband and I speak with a kiss, then a hug, then a brush of the fingers, then just the words and not the actions. And I'm thankful when we look into each others eyes, confess to each other and start again.

It's hard when I feel like I haven't had the time or energy to do what "I" want to do because the kids need something that only I can give them. And I'm thankful when God reminds me that it's not about me at all and I have beautiful, amazing children who need what only I can give them.

It's hard when I look at the world and see all the evil and the sin. And I'm thankful that God not only stirs hearts, guides hands and moves feet to bring His love to the innocent caught in the mire but He also seeks for the hearts of the ones doing the evil.

Life is hard. It's meant to be. Otherwise God couldn't teach us how to look at it with thankful eyes.