Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A modern psalm

I am so angry
What good is a trust in the Lord when all you receive is silence?
What good is following His call when the way is so bloody hard?
WHY aren't you keeping your promises?
Test me, you say
Ask, you say
I don't even get peace—my hope leaves me, my strength fades, my heart doubts
Putting my hope and trust in you turns me into a raging machine
Asking for patience and strength leaves me spent on the ground
I can't sleep—my mind fills with thoughts of your silence

And still...

What other hope could there be but only in you?
What other life is worth living but one for you?
Where you go, I go
Your people, my people
Your Son, my Saviour
You have a choice to bring me out of darkness
I have no choice but to wait for you to come and get me
How long, O Lord, until you come and get me?

My flesh longs to curse you but still
My soul rises in praise
For you are worthy regardless of my circumstance
You owe me nothing
I owe you my all

Save me from myself