Monday, 27 July 2015


Sin stalks in stealth
Snapping twigs under hedges
That line the narrow path
In hopes to break
A gaze fixed forward

Eyes wander left to see
A bloody carcass strewn
In full display to pierce
A heart overwhelmed
With fear and dismay

Eyes jerk to the right
An inviting oasis looms
Tantalizing with rest and pleasure
While skeletons lay buried
Under fallen fronds

The goal is in sight
Run, weary traveller, run
Run straight, run true
Turn not your head
No matter what you hear

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Daniel 4

Lips proclaim His might
The heart bows down to others

He sends dreams to warn
Wise council to guide

A strong and great tree
Can be brought down in one blow

What the lips proclaim
Be sovereign in the heart

Do what is right
Ease the suffering of others

But eyes see power and glory
The heart says, All Mine

Seven years is a long time