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How are you? Really?

I know you can move mountains If that is what you will I know you can speak just once And the storm is calm and still I know you can bring healing With just one simple touch I know your heart's desire Is much more life for us. I know that little birds Are in your tender care I know I shouldn't worry About the clothes that I will wear I know all your abundance Is cattle on a thousand hills I know your promises are yes, amen Bringing heaven closer still I know that you are trustworthy I know that you are good I  know that you are faithful, sure On a rock my faith is built I trust in you, my faith is strong Whatever comes I'm ready The storm clouds gather, lashed to you I'm certain, strong, and steady But somewhere deep inside When I cry to you in prayer And ask for cancer to be gone  A sorrow buries there That the answer to my questions The thing that I want most  While something you can surely do For reasons unknown, you don't. ©2021 Jordan Hageman

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