Sunday, 15 April 2018

Who Needs Whom?

Who will minister to the minister
If He is not Lord?
Who will serve the servant
If He is not Master?
Who will love the unlovable
If He is not Friend?
Who will guide the guide
If He is not The End?

Who will parent the parent
If He is not Father?
Who will teach the teacher
If He is not Counsellor?
Who will judge the judge
If He's not on the throne?
Who will bring life from death
If His grave did grow cold?

Who will right all the wrongs
If He could not redeem?
Who wears the crown and the honour
If He is not King?

Who will praise Him if we don't?
All creation complies
Even rocks have their voices
If ours we deny

Who will glorify His name
If we turn away?
The angels in heaven
All sing of His fame

Who will finish the race
If we choose not to run?
The ones gone before us
Have already won

He doesn't need us but still
He calls us by name
To take part in His kingdom
Over all that He reigns

No matter our choice
He's still Lord and still King
It's us who will lose
If we choose not to sing

© 2018 Jordan Hageman