Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Poem: Who is the Who?

I recently spoke at our church's Women's Night Kick-off on Galatians 5-6:10 - a long passage but it all connected. To help myself keep track of the points I wanted to make, I started writing a little poem and I wove it into my message. It was a lot of fun and I felt a *little* inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Who is the who who ran into you
Who stopped your good race
Who blindsided you?

The who will want more than you were meant to give
The who will bring question to the life you are to live

And beware the who you're trying to find
Because there's a who who's a sneaky kind
The hardest part about finding this who
Is finding this who just happens to be you

So don't be a who who adds to a load
A who who makes burdens wherever she goes
Be a who who is good, a who who is kind
Who lives in the Spirit
Who lives her design